Friday, January 25, 2019

How to decrease lag in PUBG mobile?

PUBG is one of the most popular games played by a number of players worldwide.The quality of the game is high with very high details.But this causes your phone to slow down and lags on your phone.

If your phone becomes hot while playing this game then you don't need to worry just let your phone to cool down as this is common with most resource intensive games and apps.

Secondly if you are experiencing high ping then the easiest way to fix it is by choosing the right server.If you are playing in Asia then you must select Asia,similarly you can choose other locations based on your location.If it doesnot help then you should check your network.The usual ping is between 10 to 100.

Optimising PUBG

First of all go to setting and change your graphics settings to smooth this will increase the FPS and decrease the lag.

Secondly you can set the frame rate to low as it will decrease the amount of resources making your game more stable.

You can just enable the Auto-adjust graphics as it will make the game settings lower making the game faster.

Other things you can do is killing the background apps to free the resources.

If all these things don't work then your phone is not powerful enough to support this game.

If hope this article helped you in any way.

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