10 Best Internet Browsers for Android

You must have used a lot of internet browsers on your Android phone. But do you know what are Top 10 Internet Browser for Android Phone? If not, then you will get the answer to this question in this post. In this post, we will tell you about 10 Best Internet Browsers for Android Mobile in detail. Let's know, 10 best Internet browsers for mobile phones - 10 Best Internet Browser for Android

10 Best Internet Browsers for Android
10 Best Internet Browsers for Android

By default Chrome browser is available with Google Account in Android Mobile. But this is not the best, many people do not like it and use other internet browsers

The Internet browser's treasure is on the Google Play Store. From where you can download your favorite internet browser and use it in your Android phone.

But despite having an Android browser, only a few of these browsers are good. About whom we are going to tell you here. 

Let's know what is the best internet browser for Android Phone?

10 Best Internet Browsers for Android

Which is the best internet browser for mobile phones, the best internet browser for smartphones? For the mobile phone, there is an internet browser, Smartphone users have the top 10 best internet browsers.

1) Google Chrome

Google Chorme
Google Chrome

Whether it's mobile or laptop, most users prefer Google Chrome browser only. People trust more on the Chrome browser than other internet browsers. 

So far the Chrome browser has been downloaded 1.4 billion times on Android phones. Despite this, it is rated 4.3 ratings. From which we can estimate how well this browser is. 

Chrome Browser is the best Android Browser for most users. But one of the biggest drawbacks is that you can not add extensions to it.

Mozilla FireFox
Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is the best browser for privacy and security. Most users use the Mozilla Firefox browser by leaving Google Chrome and Opera browsers for privacy. 

If you are like a person who decides how to display tabs in your browser, how everything should be colored and if you need more convenience then the Firefox browser is for you.

3) Opera Browser

Opera Browser
Opera Browser

The data saver feature of the Opera browser distinguishes it from the rebel browser. If you want to save your internet data, then this browser is for you. 

The Opera browser is one of the fastest internet browsers. It provides free VPN but it has a problem, its interface is harder than the rebel browser.

4) Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge

This is Microsoft's official Internet browser. It is the best browser for Windows computers, its mobile version also provides better service. 

This browser also offers services such as ad blocker, translation service, password manager and news guard. It also has 4.3 ratings like the Chrome browser on the Google Play Store.

5) DuckDuckGo


DuckDuckGo is the best search engine in terms of privacy. But it does not have all kinds of services and products like its rivals. But it's Android Browser is awesome. 

It's Android Browser has given users the highest rating on the Google Play Store. Even after downloading more than 5 million times, its rating is 4.7, which is a lot more.

Many users believe that DuckDuckGo is even better than Google. It eliminates all types of advertisements. If you want to give only on your WiFi network, then this browser is for you.

6) CM Browser

CM Browser
CM Browser

CM Browser is a very fast and secure browser. It does not track the activities you have done. This browser automatically delivers all data after being offline. 

If you are worried about Internet security then you should use this browser. As well as being educated, this browser speed is very good.

7) Dolphin Web Browser

Dolphin Web Browser
Dolphin Web Browser

Android device Apollo has succeeded in the Dolphin Browser. It has a nice set of features. There are timing, flash support, ad-block, and many other features. 

The best part is that the browser Add on Extension supports them. Yes, it is not very attractive as an option, but it is a very good internet browser.

8) UC Browser

UC Browser
UC Browser

UC Browser is the most widely used internet browser used by mobile users. It offers more features than all other internet browsers. It also offers a fast downloading service. 

But this is one of the biggest deficiencies, for the past few years, UC Browser is promoting adult content which is dangerous for kids under 18 years of age. 

That's why UC Browser is best according to features, but only because of Adult Content, a very useless browser, if you are 18+ then use it only.

9) Brave Browser

Brave Browser
Brave Browser

Brave Browser is one of the new and best Internet browsers. Which is mainly designed for security. This is an ad block blocking browser, it has many features. 

It can block advertisements and all types of cookies, malware can block scripts. This browser opens every web site with HTTPS.

10) Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser
Samsung Internet Browser

You may feel strange seeing this browser in this list, but even more awkward you will find when you know that despite this browser being downloaded more than 1 billion times, it has got a rating of 4.4. 

Yes, this browser has been downloaded 10 thousand times but it still has 4.4 ratings. This browser can be the best for Samsung mobile owners.

Here one question arises: How did we create this list of Best Internet Browsers for Android Phone? So, I want to tell you to keep this list in mind, we have taken into account the Android Browser App Creation and Downloading. 

According to the downloaded numbers and ratings, we have included this list. You may have already used many of these browsers, but do not use what has not been done. 

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