How to Create - HTML Sitemap Page in Blogger?

How to Create - HTML Sitemap Page in Blogger?

Hello Friends, If you have any queries regarding Google's Web site, then you have to add your site to Google's search console .xml to add the Sitemap, or if you do not want to go to the site, then search the site for me You can also add HTML Sitemap to your site.

How to Create an HTML Sitemap Page in Blogger
How to Create an HTML Sitemap Page in Blogger

What is a Sitemap?

How to create a sitemap page in blogger? You must have heard about the sitemap and you will also know what a sitemap is. Let's give you a little more information about what a sitemap is. 

Sitemaps are of 2 types.

  1. XML Sitemap - We submit such a sitemap to the search engine so that the search engines can understand the content of our blog and rank our blog in our search result. This sitemap is only for search engines.

  1. HTML Sitemap - We use such a sitemap to create a page in our blog so that all the pages of our blog can be displayed simultaneously on the page that we created. And today we will talk about this sitemap and know-how the HTML sitemap page is created.

HTML sitemap displays all the content of our blog on the same page. The sitemap is also called a blog content page, where all the posts on the blog are displayed simultaneously. If you create a sitemap page on your blog then visitors who visit your blog can easily see on your sitemap page to see which article in which you have published.

Why create a Sitemap page in your blog?

To make Blog's navigation good and user-friendly, we add category widget to the sidebar of our blog so that visitors can learn about all the categories of our blog and easily navigate the category of your choice. Just like the sitemap gives a visitor a user-friendly experience.

The main feature of the Sitemap page is that you can show all the post categories in your blog through your sitemap page so that visitors can see all the content of your blog on a single page and make them a smart and easy one. Get navigation.

How does a Sitemap page look?

You can visit our blog's sitemap page to see what the sitemap is at the end. To go to the Sitemap page, click on the given LIVE DEMO.

If you visit the sitemap page of our blog, you will know clearly how the sitemap page appears and all the posts in the blog are displayed together on the sitemap page.

How to create a sitemap page in my blog?

Making an HTML sitemap for Blog is simple. In it, just add some script to the blog page. For this, follow the steps mentioned below carefully and you can easily create a sitemap.

Step 1: Firstly copy the given code below.

Stage 2: Login to Blogger and go to your Blog Dashboard.

  1. Presently click on Pages.
  2. Snap-on the new page. 

Stage 3: Customize the post

How to create a sitemap page in my blog?
How to create a sitemap page in my blog?

  1. Type SiteMap in Title. 
  2. Presently click on the HTML tab. 
  3. Paste the code replicated here. 
  4. Presently click on the Publish button.

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Now visit you on a page! Your Sitemap page may have been ready. In this way, you can create a Sitemap page in Blogger. If you want to create a Sitemap page in WordPress, use the Hierarchical HTML Sitemap plugin. After creating the HTML sitemap page, now add its link to the menu or in the footer.

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