Best Tips To Get Quickly AdSense Account Approval For Blogger/WordPress 2019

In today's post, we will talk about Quickly AdSense Account Approval, Google AdSense Approval Tips.

If you are a Blogger or YouTuber then you must understand the value of an AdSense account quite well.

More than 50% of bloggers monetize their blogs with the help of Google AdSense. There can be many reasons for this, one of which is trust. This is a fairly reliable platform that is a go-to for the creators of Google who are ruling the Internet themselves.

If you want to earn from blogging, for this you will need an AdSense account.

 AdSense Account Approval
 AdSense Account Approval

Best Tips To Get Quickly AdSense Account Approval

If you too have given up due to the non-verification of Google AdSense, you can easily approve AdSense by following these tips.

1. Content-Length

If you want to get your AdSense account approved quickly, then try to make the content written on the website long. You can write a post of 700-1200 words. After that, you try that if you divide your website into 5 categories, then there should be at least 3 posts in each category. If any category is empty, do not apply for AdSense.

Note these things:

  • There are more than 3 categories on the website and there should be more than 3 posts of 700-1200 words in all.
  • Before submitting for approval, note that images are also used in the middle of the content.
  • Do not give an empty website (without posts) for approval.

2. Ad Friendly Templates/Themes

Very few people know that your AdSense account will be approved or not, it also depends on the theme. If your theme is not ad-friendly then there are very few chances of getting your AdSense account approved. Try to choose themes in which there is a place for ads placement, whether it is in the sidebar, in the header or in the footer.

3. Google Indexing

If you have created your blog and have put a significant amount of posts in it, yet your AdSense account is not approved, then chances are you have forgotten to get Google indexing done. To do this you will have to enlist the help of Google webmaster. To use Webmasters you will need a Gmail Id.

  • After Login/Signup in Google webmaster, open Google Search Console and go there and submit your property meaning website URL.
  • Now you have to wait for your website to be indexed.

4. Traffic

By the way, the AdSense account gets approved even if the traffic is low, but if you want to be safe and want to see high CPC ads on your AdSense, then it would be better for you to first increase the traffic on your website. Then apply for AdSense.

Common Mistakes

1. Use of Nulled Theme

Not all themes in the market are free. You have to pay to buy many of them. There are many sites available on the Internet that give you free themes by cracking them. If you are also using such a theme, then it can be a problem for you. This not only makes a difference in your AdSense account, but your ranking can also fall.

2. Use of copied content

Whether it is about getting AdSense approved or getting content ranked, both are impossible without putting unique content. In such a situation, if you have used copied content to fill your website with posts, then your AdSense account will not be approved. For this, first you have to remove all the copied content from your website and after inserting new content, you have to re-index the website in Google Webmaster. After doing this you can apply for AdSense again.

3. Use headings

Very few people also know that the address of good content is known only by the headings given in it. Many times people will tell you that you should not use too many headings. However, this is a totally wrong feeling and you can use as many headings as you want to win. But if you want to get AdSense approval, then you have to keep in mind that under every heading you must write as much content as you should (300 words).

If you fill the entire article with the title itself, then the user reading gets upset. And AdSense takes full care of its users. In this case, make sure that the headings are according to the content.

However, it has become very difficult to get AdSense account approval in today's time. If you have noticed, then you will see that nowadays there are some websites whose PR content is very good but AdSense is still unable to verify. This may also be due to strict Google AdSense policies.

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Google AdSense Policies

1. Avoid Self Clicking

If you think that you can increase your revenue by clicking on your own ads repeatedly, then you are completely wrong. By doing this, your AdSense will be banned and the revenue you have generated will also be found in the soil.

You should not ask your friends or relatives to click on ads. Google algorithm is so strong that you can't fool it.

2. Avoid Using Bot Traffic

You will find many people who sell traffic. Most of these people often send bot traffic which clicks on your ads with the help of a script. Google AdSense does not shelter any such spam script and your account will be deleted without informing you.

3. Do not let the user be lured by clicking on ads

Many times people "make money by clicking the ad given below" make their users click on ads using this kind of text. Even after doing this, your account will be banned and you will not be able to recover it again.

4. Avoid Negative Content

If your website is based on adult content like pornography, hacking, gambling, etc. then you should never place AdSense ads on them. Doing this can also result in your AdSense ban.

Apart from this, keep in mind that the ads are placed on the same pages in which you have put the content. You cannot place ads on blank pages or in pop-ups. Also, you cannot place ads in a clickable place where there are more chances of the user to click on it accidentally.

If you follow the above-mentioned things then your AdSense will be approved easily. If you still have any problem then you can clear your doubts in the comment section from us.

So today you have known Tips To AdSense Account Approval Quickly, AdSense approval process, AdSense approval tips Now in the comment section below, please tell how you liked this post.

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